Opportunity: Hydraulic press SAHINLER mod. HCP-100 second-hand and revised press (Ref. 249).

Specifically designed to perform work involving stamping, die-cutting and forming.

Prensa hidráulica SAHINLER de ocasión
Prensa hidráulica SAHINLER de ocasión


  • Upper and lower table mechanized with four “T” DIN650 grooves.
  • The upper table ensures perfect alignment by means four lateral cylindrical Ø50mm with maintenance-free anti-friction bimetallic caps.
  • A regulation panel with a millimeter stroke endings which enable us to conveniently regulate the upper table stroke and the changes speed.
  • A two-speed motorized hydraulic unit with automatic high speed deactivation.
  • It’s equipped with a cylinder decompression valve.
  • A pressure switch placed at the lateral part which allows the regulation of the most appropriate pressure signal for each kind of pressing.
  • The control panel features a switch enabling the user to select the desired type of work in manual, or automatic position and a switch to select either the fast speed or slow speed.
  • Operation is carried out by low voltage bimanual push button.
  • Safety is guaranteed using lateral protections
  • They allow the installation of a hydraulic cushion or a hydraulic ejector.
  • It is supplied with a gauge with reading in tones, hydraulic oil and instructions manual.
  • It meets and satisfies all the essential health and safety requirements in accordance with the CE standard.


  • Model: HCP-100
  • Power: 100 t
  • Motor power: 7,5 kw
  • Throat deph: 260 mm
  • Working speed: 7 mm/sec
  • Approaching speed: 31 mm/sec
  • Return speed: 55 mm/sec
  • Maximum pressure: 263 bar
  • Piston stroke: 300 mm
  • Lowe table: 1.100 x 600 mm
  • Upper table: 680 x 420 mm
  • Max. vertical light: 500 mm
  • Working height: 900 mm
  • Total front: 1.300 mm
  • Total lateral: 1.350 mm
  • Total height: 2.750 mm
  • Weight: 5.400 Kg.
  • Year: 1999

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