Opportunity: GARNET press brake, syncro-electronic 5 axes CNC mod. EPR 41220 CNC (Ref. 296).

Second hand press brake GARNET EPR 41220 syncro-electronic 5 axes CNC

Second hand press brake GARNET EPR 41220 syncro-electronic 5 axes CNC

Second hand press brake GARNET EPR 41220 syncro-electronic 5 axes CNC

EPR synchronized electronic folding machines of last generation, meet the highest demands of precision and reliability.

The EPR models are 5-axis bending machines equipped with a CYBTOUCH 15 CNC. They have been designed to meet the highest demands in folding. They can be installed from 5 axes up to 12 axes, support synchronization for robotic work and peripherals through interface, allow ethernet connection with the technical office and the possibility of installing 3-dimensional graphic CNC.

All the functions of the machine such as the folding parallelism, folding angle, pressure and speed are controlled by the CNC through a sophisticated system of proportional valves and optical controls. We guarantee an accuracy of + – 0.01mm.

We can independently decompose the parallelism of the Y1-Y2 axes up to a maximum of 10 mm. In order to avoid possible damage to the cylinders, we must install cylinder connecting joints to the bolt.

The punch holder is with quick clamping system by intermediate jaws with anti-bending wedges.

The hydraulic system is Bosch-Rexroth or Hoerbiger, compact, easy to access and quiet. Located on the top of the machine.

The electrical components are Siemens. They include PLC Pilz. Adjustable steering panel. Electric pedals with emergency stop.

The safety system in the area of folding is by means of a Akas laser of three points configurable. They include side and rear safety guards.

They meet and meet all essential safety and health requirements according to CE regulations.


  • Useful length: 4100 mm
  • Power: 220 tn
  • Aproaching speed: 180 mm
  • Working speed: 11 mm/s
  • Return speed: 185 mm/s
  • Engine power: 19 kw
  • Throat depth: 410 mm
  • Between columns: 3.600 mm
  • Light between tables: 485 mm
  • Total length: 5.150 mm
  • Total width: 2.250 mm
  • Total height: 3.000 mm
  • Weight: 14.000 kg
  • Year: 2009

Standard equipment

  • According to CE regulations and TÜV approval
  • Penetration (axis „Y1 – Y2“)
  • Low voltage electric pedal drive.
  • Laser Akas III LC2000
  • Motorized anti-flexion table.
  • Side and rear protections according to CE regulations.
  • Emergency stop.
  • CNB Control CYBTOUCH 15.
  • Bosch-RexRoth hydraulic system.
  • Siemens electrical system.

Back gauge

  • Back gauge with servo-motor of 500 mm of ballscrew stroke (eje “X”).
  • Height adjusment of the rear bumper of 250 mm (axe R).
  • Speed 500 mm/s.
  • Stop heads with longitudinal adjusment.
  • Displacement by ballscrew with linear guides
Laser Akas III LC2000
Motorized crowning system
Head stoppers
Axes X de 800 mm, R de 250 mm