Opportunity: Eccentric press ARISA mod. G-100 RS (Ref. 219)

Eccentric press ARISA


  • Maximum pressure 1000 Kn
  • Beats per minute n. 40 – 110 with variator.
  • Motor power 15 kW
  • Adjustable stroke 20 to 125
  • Sliding screw adjustment 80 mm
  • Closing height 300 mm
  • Throat depth 300 mm
  • Rear between columns 400 mm
  • Table dimensions 600 X 1,050 mm
  • Hole in the table 350 x 150
  • Sliding dimensions 400 X 600 mm
  • Slot hole Ø 50
  • 10 Tn pneumatic cushion with 80 mm stroke.
  • Pneumatic feeder with 150 mm band.
  • Net weight 12,000 kg.
  • Year of manufacture 1998


The frame is manufactured of welded and stabilized Steel. The slide is made of welded Steel, with a base provided for the recovery of oil and equipped with mechanical extractor.

The overload protection is hydraulic actuated, for the protection of the press and the dies. It has two compensating cylinders, pneumatically operated, for balancing the slide and the dies.

The connecting rod is manufactured of Steel and long dimensioned. The clutch-brake is electro-pneumatic drive, equipped with solenoid valve of double body of safety and of crossed flows. It has two-hands push button and safety barriers.

All components are CE complaint.

The lubrication is automatic and the pneumatic installation is equipped with compensation tank, filter-regulator-lubricator group with a control pressure switch and safety valve.

The two-hand shot is located at the front of the press, with emergency stop button and stop button in top dead center.