Opportunity: ERCOLINA bending with fixed radius mod. SUPERBENDER 060 revised, second-hand.

It is ideal for producing consistent quality bends in pipe, tube, squares, solids and other profiles.

Curvadora ERCOLINA de radio fijo sin alma de ocasión


  • Bending without inside mandrel with fixed radius
  • Mild steel tube capacity 60 x 2 mm in aluminum and 54 x 1,5mm in iron
  • Control by mocroprocessor
  • Operation by pedal at low voltage
  • Max. Radius Admitted 300mm
  • Max. angle of rotation 210º
  • Monophasic at 220V
  • Engine of 2,2 kw
  • Manufacturing year 2001

Standard equipment and tools

  • Full set of tooling
  • MATRIX + COUNTERMATRIX For tubes Ø 48 mm x 3,5 mm Radio 170 mm.