We want to present our customized manufacture of our 4-cylindrical-column motorized hydraulic press, MV-600 E model, it’s designed and manufactured to perform work of high-performance stamping.

This customized hydraulic press consists of three electro welded sections made solely of ST-52.3 steel. It’s equipped with a upper table with a hydraulic mooring for matrices and a lower table with frontal hydraulic extraction. Both tables are mechanized with CK-45 stainless steel and they have two “T” DIN-650 grooves.

It has a NC SIEMENS S-7/1200 KP-400 that regulates upper table travel, working pressure, hydraulic peripherals and sets pressing time and speed changes.

As all our HIDROGARNE M series hydraulic presses,  the main cylinder is single acting with a lapping liner, chrome plunger and maintenance-free anti wear guides.

A two-speed motorized hydraulic unit with automatic high speed deactivation. It’s equipped with a REXROHT pressure and manoeuvre electrovalves, an air-oil cooling, a DENISON-PARKER double blades pump for high and low pressure, and several hydraulic connection for auxiliary peripherals.

Its control panel features a switch enabling the user to select the desired type of work in a manual or automatic position and a switch to select either the fast approaching speed or slow operational speed or tools adjustament. Electrical and electronic equipment is of SCHNEIDER, SIEMENS and LG brands.

Safety is guaranteed by the use of PILZ level IV photoelectrical sensors placed at frontal working area, two fixed lateral protections panels and one practicable protection panel with a magnetic detector disconnection switch placed at the rear, safety stanchion bar, safety module and emergency stops.

The technical features are:

  • Power 600 t
  • Speeds 2
  • Motor power 22 Kw
  • Maximum working pressure 250 bar
  • Approaching speed 15 mm/s
  • Working speed 3 mm/s
  • Return speed 25 mm/s
  • Cylinder stroke 500 mm
  • Frontal light 800 mm
  • Lateral light 600 mm
  • Vertical light 800 mm
  • Working height 1000 mm
  • Upper table 1350 x 1150 mm
  • Guides diameter 200 mm
  • Lower table 1350 x 1150 mm
  • Weight 20000 Kg

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