The new view of the hydraulic press
T SERIES: Completely new design. Motorized T series hydraulic presses with sliding frame and moveable head.Learn more
High quality adapted to your needs
Special HIDROGARNE hydraulic presses, customized and adapted to several works and sectorsLearn more
Take full control of technology
4-cylindrical-column motorized M series hydraulic presses with custom manufacturing according to needs and with synchronized electronicLearn more
Increase your safety and decrease your work time
HIDROGARNE positioners help you to carry out welding, adjusting and assembly operationsLearn more
Agility, versatily and sturdiness
C SERIES: Made on a throat depth electro-welded structure, specially suitable for works like stamping, die-cutting and hammering.Learn more
Facilitate the work of strightening
The horizontal design of the machine permits an easy handling of large beams and profiles.Learn more
For medium and high production
Specifically designed to perform work involving deep-drawing, stamping, die-cutting, forming, etc. for medium and high production.Learn more

Special hydraulic presses

We are specialized in manufacturing hydraulic presses according to every customer’s needs (special measures, capacities or technical features) and always of the highest quality.

Used Machinery

We present our used machinery division, these machines are selected, checked and guaranteed by HIDROGARNE. You can visit in “Used machinery” section.



Constantly we apply newest technologies


On the marketplace since 1987.
Our philosophy

Our philosophy

Seriousness, commitment and service to our customers.
Maximum quality

Maximum quality

We use the finest components and materials.

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