The double stanchion presses PM series are suitable for a wide variety of applications to industries such as automotive, aerospace, rail and many more related to metal forming.

They are double reduction presses, with one or two connecting rods. They are made of S355JR steel, stabilized and machined at the end of the welding process to guarantee perfect parallelism and precision. Calculated and designed with finite element software. With all this, we always guarantee our high standards of precision and quality.

The rod is built of high-strength forged steel and high-performance alloy bushings.

To guarantee a perfect maintenance and operation, all our range is equipped with centralized automatic lubrication with a programmable progressive system.

Designed with a complex system of eccentric gears with opposite rotation that allows a double reduction in speed and long strokes. High energy is also obtained at very low nominal speeds, suitable for drawing operations.

The dimensions of the heights of the prismatic and sliding guides are to offer maximum rigidity facing the high demands, limiting the deformation of the work surfaces to minimum values.

  • H type one point mechanical presses variable stroke
    H type one point mechanical presses variable stroke

The slide is with 6 prismatic guides. They are double reduction with one connecting rod and variable stroke.

Available with a power from 100 to 400 Tn.


An overload protection unit is installed to protect machine components and installed tools. A safety valve discharges the oil from the chamber when for any reason the reached set value is higher than the nominal load.

For an effective balance of the slide and the dies, the compensation is by means of two pneumatic cylinders.


The clutch-brake is electropneumatic, equipped with a double safety body solenoid valve and crossflow.

The pneumatic system includes a compensation tank, a regulator-lubricator filter, a control pressure switch, and a safety valve.


The control panel features a switch enabling the user to select the desired type of work in manual, semi-automatic or automatic position. Electrical and hydraulic manoeuvres are redundant and self-controlled. They incorporate an additional PLC for manoeuvre and safety.

Operation is carried out by low voltage two-hand push button and electric pedal.

Safety is guaranteed using lateral opening protections with level IV safety light curtains placed on the sides of the work area.

It meets and satisfies all the essential health and safety requirements in accordance with the CE standard.


  • Pneumatic Clutch & Brake Combination
  • Dual Safety Valve
  • Both Hands Control
  • Foot Pedal Control
  • Progressive Motorized Lubrication System
  • Gears in Oil Tank
  • Automatic Ram Adjustment
  • Digital Ruler for Ram Adjusting
  • Adjustable Stroke Movement
  • Mechanical Rotary Cam Limit Switch (4 Array)
  • Magnetic Cam Limit Switch
  • Programmable Control System (PLC)
  • Touch-Operated Monitor
  • Conformity of CE Machinery Directives
  • Double Sided Photocell Safety Guard
  • Hydraulic Overload Protector
  • Safety Block /
  • Seperated Piano Type Electric Panel
  • Pneumatic Balancing Cylinders
  • Rubber Anti-Vibration Pads
  • *2 Year Warranty (*)


  • Inverter (speed variation)
  • Pneumatic or hydraulic ejector or die cushion
  • Lower auxiliar table
  • Strain gauge system
  • NC digital dusplay with memories



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