– Two double effect hydraulic cylinders of 400 TN each one.
– Bottom table with “T” grooves arranged on the table according to the indications of the user.
– Top table with “T” grooves and anti-fall safety system.
– Useful surface of the tables 3.000 x 2.000 mm.
– Structure designed to support 600 TN of force concentrated in 1/ 3 part of its surface
– Chrome-plated and grounded columns of 250 mm with bellows of protection.
– One speed hydraulic unit with automatic disconnection of the pre-filling speed and independent operation, provided with decompression system and pre-filling valves with proportional pressure valve and with digital potentiometers on the top table for the control of the displacement and synchronized electronic system for compensation of off-centre efforts
– Electric installation with selector for operation of the main cylinder to 1 or 2 speeds.
– Hydraulic press with one manual cycle and one automatic cycle (activated by selector with proof key)
– The manual cycle allows the execution of all the movements (step by step) of the press on slow speed.
– The automatic cycle allows the press to carry out a complete production sequence.
– Electrical safety system for the anti-fall system of the top table.
– Bottom table with hydraulic extraction and stop by physical ends.
– The machine has a control panel with tactile screen display where there are introduced the operation and calibration data.
– 2 photoelectric barriers of 1.000 mm with level IV safety installed at the front and rear of the press.
– Siemens electric parts are fabricated according to the current CE regulations and with IP55 protections.
Force, 800 TN.
Opening force, 80 TN.
Motorized speeds,1
Motor power, 55 Kw (75 CV).
Auxiliary motors power, 5 + 3 kw
Work pressure, 250 bar
Pre-filling quick speed , 110 mm/seg.
Work speed, 6 mm/seg.
Return speed, 60 mm/seg.
Piston stroke, 1000 mm.
Height between plates,1500 mm.
Useful dimensions of plates,3100×2000 mm.
Bottom table displacement, 2000 mm.
Distance between columns, 3100×1300 mm.
Total dimension, 3800×4500 mm.
Total height, 6400 mm.
Weight,134600 Kg.

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