• mod. TL-150, TL-220 y TL-300
    TL-300 model. Standard

Cambering and straightening presses

We have designed the T-series hydraulic presses with sliding frame and moveable head with three different power ranges, from 150 to 300 tonnes.

They are especially designed for the straightening of electro welded structures and flame cut sheets.

Their design facilitates the loading and unloading of large volume parts, sheets or structures. It allows the different pressing points to be accessed without the need to move the part thanks to the lateral displacement of the cylinder and the longitudinal displacement of the bridge.

This series works with hydraulic pressure lower than 320 bar to ensure the greater durability of the hydraulic system as a whole.

Structure and tables

T-series cambering and straightening presses consist of an electro welded structure made solely of S355JR steel. They are stabilised and machined at the end of the structural welding process to ensure perfect parallelism and precision. Calculated and designed by finite software. With all this, we always guarantee our high precision and quality standards.

The longitudinal displacement of the bridge is motorized, it is controlled by a frequency inverter and driven by a cogged belt. The lateral displacement of the headstock is motorized, and in the models of 220 and 300 Tn, it is controlled by means of a frequency inverter..

Cylinder and hydraulic unit

The cylinder is double acting with a chrome plunger and maintenance-free anti wear guides, it’s fitted with a removable and interchangeable hold-down plate to avoid the deterioration of the plunger and machined at the end to adapt tools. Anti-turning of the cylinder with a squared front and stroke endings come as standard which enable us to conveniently regulate the cylinder stroke.

The motorised two-speed hydraulic unit has automatic rapid speed disconnection. It includes a cylinder decompression valve. A pressure regulator comes as standard which allows the regulation of the most appropriate pressure for each kind of pressing.

They are supplied with a glycerin gauge with reading in tonnes.

Electric installation and safety

The control panel features a switch enabling the user to select the desired type of work in a manual or semi-automatic position. 

Operation is carried out by means of a low voltage pendant control station, it incorporates a double push button to go up or down at a slow speed and a double push button to go up or down at fast speed. It includes emergency stop and a maneuver confirma-tion button.

Safety is guaranteed by the use of a line-operated safety installed on the perimeter.

They are supplied with an instructions manual.

It meets and satisfies all the essential health and safety requirements in accordance with the CE standard.

Technical features

Model TL-150 TL-220 TL-300
Power  t 150 220 300
Motor power  kw 4 5,5 7,5
Approaching speed  mm/s 9,9 9 9,9
Working speed  mm/s 2 2,2 2
Return speed  mm/s 15,4 16,2 14,7
Max press  bar 320 320 320
Piston stroke – J  mm 450 450 450
Lower table size  mm 1600×3000 2100×3500 2600×4000
Headstock movement – C  mm 1050 1510 1960
Bridge movement – D  mm 2150 2440 2940
Frontal light – A  mm 1615 2120 2620
Lateral light – B  mm 700 700 700
Working height – E  mm 600 700 750
Total front – G  mm 2500 3200 3660
Total lateral – H  mm 3250 3780 4280
Total height – I  mm 2550 2990 3120
Weight  kg 7000 10000 14000

Esquema prensa hidráulica serie T

A. Front light B. Side light C. Head movement D. Bridge movement E. Working height G. Total long H. Total width I. Total height J. Piston lift

Optional accessories

  • Milling lower table of 3,000×1,550 for TL-150.
  • Milling lower table of 3,500×2,040 for TL-220.
  • Milling lower table of 4,000×2,540 for TL-300.
  • 8 ejector cylinders installed on the lower table, power 2 tonnes each one for TL-150.
  • 12 ejector cylinders installed on the press table, power 2 tonnes each one for TL-220/300.
  • 250 mm cylinder extender.
  • Geometry adapted to your needs

T series special hydraulic presses

  • Motorized hydraulic press with sliding frame and moveable head: TL-400 / 6000
    Mod. TL-400 / 6000 SPECIAL (as optional it includes lower table machanized of 6000x2500mm)

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