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Theses positioners are is designed to carry out welding, adjusting and assembly operations in optimal security conditions. The innovative characteristics of this positioner, truly unique in its field because of its capabilities, offer the possibility to execute the following operations:

  • Continuous and bidirectional rotation
  • Plate inclination
  • Plate elevation

The infinite working positions it offers, makes the machine operator work in a secure and ergonomic position. This reduces remarkably the working time and avoids depending on auxiliary elevation elements.

Lower bed

Designed for a highly steady behavior and put together by highly resistant structural profiles that allow the execution of elevation, inclination and rotation of big workpieces and weights in secure conditions.

Plate with rotation device

It permits the continuous and the bidirectional rotation of the workpiece that is being handled. The plate is made of high elastic limit sheet metal and has well positioned holes and slots to achieve a secure fixation of the workpiece through rapid attachment accessories. The slew ring acts as a joint element between the lower bed and the workpiece holder plate.


The machine is supplied with a control button bar that permits executing all the maneuvers. The button bar disposes of a regulator such as a potentiometer to easily control the speed of the plate rotation.

Elevation and inclination

Oleo-dynamic mechanism that works at a constant speed. The infinite combinations of both movements permit operate in an optimal way during the adjustment and welding maneuvers and/or during the assembly in multiple applications.


The mechanism disposes of a progressive starting and stopping system.



Loading capacities

PV-1000P (kg)*1000900850750650600550500
a (mm)*4004505006007008009001000
b (mm)*90100110125140170215250
PV-2000P (kg)*20001800170015001300120011001000
a (mm)*4004505006007008009001000
b (mm)*90100105115130140155175
PV-4500P (kg)*45003900350030002500230020001500
a (mm)*500550600700900100012001500
b (mm)*758595110130140160210
PV-7000P (kg)*70006100540042003300270021001600
a (mm)*5005506007501000120015002000
b (mm)*8595110140165220280350
PV-10000P (kg)*100008800730060004700420027502200
a (mm)*5005506007001000120015002000
b (mm)*7590105130165185200310
PV-15000P (kg)*150001350012000105009000750060004500
a (mm)*5005506007001000120015002000
b (mm)*7590105130165185200310

Technical features

Max. CapacityKg10002000450070001000015000
Motor powerkw2 + 0,374 + 0,375.5 + 0,57.5 + 0,7511 + 0,7511 + 0,75
Table dimensions: EmmØ720Ø800Ø1100Ø1500Ø1500Ø2000
Table tilting βdegree0-920-920-920-920-920-135
Ascent time of the tables181818505050
Descent time of the tables121212343434
Table rotation speedrpm1,2-1,81,2-1,80,8-1,20,8-1,20,7-1,00,7-1,0
Max. height with vertical table: Amm135013501400235025503050
Max. height with horizontal table: Bmm145014501520250026803180
Min. height with horizontal table: B’mm7507507708509751475
Total length: Cmm181519251985325034003400
Total width: Dmm110014001500200021002400

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Optional accessories

  • Elevation and inclination speed control.
  • Wireless control system, through radio frequency.
  • Weight system.
  • Automatic stop system when “not in use”.
  • Personalized and intelligent load attaching system.
  • MEMORY device, permits the saving of multiple positions for repetitive works