Opportunity: Second-hand eccentric press VAPTECH mod. PE-160A (Ref. 300).

Second-hand excentric press VAPTECH

The frame is made of welded and stabilized steel. The slide is made of welded steel, with six guides, with a base provided for oil recovery and equipped with a mechanical extractor.

It has two compensating cylinders, pneumatically driven, for the balancing of the slide and the dies. The connecting rod is made of alloy steel and is well dimensioned.

The brake-clutch is electro-pneumatic, equipped with double safety body electro-valve and cross-flow.

It has a two-hand push button and security barriers. All the components are according to CE regulations. Motorized slide.

On the front of the press is the two-hand button, with emergency stop button.

Photoelectric barriers and side doors.

Digital display.

Technical features

  • Maximum pressure: 1600 Kn
  • Strokes for minute: n. 50
  • Motor power 13 kW
  • Regulable stroke: 20-160 mm
  • Sliding spindle adjustment: 120 mm
  • Distance between table and slide: 540 mm
  • Throat Depth: 400 mm
  • Between columns (rear): 480 mm
  • Table dimensions: 1.000 X 780 mm
  • Sliding table dimensions: 630 X 550 mm
  • Hole sliding table: Ø 50
  • Net weight: 12.220 KG
  • Manufacture year: 1998 (electric panel renewed in 2005 with CE standards.)