Hydraulic press HIDROGARNE mod. Four-column MV-1000E CNC with a power of 1000 Tn synchro-electronics. Specially designed for pre-series adjusting and pre-series in progressive die-casting for the automotive sector, with a 4,750 x 2,250 mm die-casting capacity, ready to link to an automatic power line.


  • Six double acting hydraulic cylinders of 167 TN.
  • Four compensators of 50 tons.
  • Bottom slotted table in “T” according to user instructions.
  • Top slotted table in “T” with fall protection system.
  • Useful surface tables 4,750 x 2,250 mm.
  • Structure prepared to support 600 tons of effort concentrated in 1/3 of its surface.
  • Columns with 250mm diam. rectified and chromed.
  • Hydraulic unit of 1 variable speed controlled by proportional flow valve, with automatic shut-off of the pre-filling speed and independent operation, equipped with a decompression system and pre-filling valves with proportional pressure and optical rules for table movement control superior and synchronous electronic offset compensation system.
  • Electrical installation for operation at 1 or 2 forward speeds of the main cylinder.
  • The press has a manual cycle and an automatic cycle (by means of selector with test key):
  • The manual cycle allows the execution of all movements (step by step) of the press at a slow speed.
  • The automatic cycle allows the press to carry out a complete production cycle.
  • Electrical safety system for the fall protection system of the upper table.
  • Lower table with hydraulic extraction and to stuck by physical stops.
  • The machine has a control panel where the data can be entered using the keyboard and can be visualized using an easy-to-read liquid crystal display.
  • The press will be controlled by means of a mobile keyboard with low voltage maneuver by means of a simultaneous two-hand push-button with level IV safety (in accordance with regulation 98/37 CE).
  • 2 optical barriers, level IV of 1,000 mm installed in the area of the operator and also in the rear.
  • Electrical parts are manufactured in accordance with current legislation and with IP55 protections.
  • Press certified in accordance with the European Machinery Safety Directive 2006/42 / EEC.


Power 125 TN a 1.000 TN.
Opening power 100 TN.
Motorized speed 1
Motor power 75 kw
Pressure 260 bar
Pre-filled fast speed . 150 mm/s.
Variable work speed 12-4 mm/s.
Return speed 60 mm/s.
Piston stroke 1000 mm.
Free height between plates 1.500 mm.
Useful dimensions of tables 4.750 x 2.250 mm.
Bottom table desplacement 2.200 mm.
Between tables 5.600 x 1.490 mm.
Total dimensions 6.700 x 5.000 mm.
Altura total total height 7.400 mm.
Weight  154.000 Kg.

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