Throat depth press with rotative indexed plate of 2 stations, in high production continuous cycled works.

Specifically designed to perform continuous cycled works in high production.

As all our hydraulic presses of CD series is equipped with a mechanized upper CK-42 stainless steel table to ensure perfect alignment.

Structure and tables

  • Throat depth « C » structure.
  • Upper table with special configuration with double anti-turning of Ø 40 mm and stroke endings.
  • Lower table with coupling basis with a special configuration.
    Indexed table with 2 stations.

    • Rotation time: 1,4 sec.
    • Ø between pieces: 700 mm
    • Ø aluminium outer disc: 1.000 mm
  • The lower table has an automatic tumbling by the globoidal cam with cycles of 1,4 seconds.

Cylinder and hydraulic unit

  • Double acting hydraulic cylinder of 250 mm of stroke.
  • Two-speed hydraulic group with automatic disconnection of the fast speed and an independent performance, equipped with a decompression system. Stop and start by pressure switches.
  • Soundproof hydraulic group (-60 decibels)
  • Operating at 2 independent pressures, 1 for each station. They are regulated for 2 pressure switches with 2 sections, one for each station.

Electric installation and safety

  • Electrical installation for the manual or automatic operation, 1 or 2 advance speeds of the main cylinders.
  • The operation is at low voltage by the 2 hands switch.
  • Photoelectrical frontal safety barriers of Level 4.
  • OMRON « PLC » automat.
  • Network voltage indicator.
  • Maintenance of the « 1 second » pressure, regulated by the program.
  • There is a stub fixed in the central part, with passing for the entrance and exit pieces.
  • It meets and satisfies all the essential health and safety requirements in accordance with the EC standard.

Technical features

  • Power 100 Tn.
  • Motorized speed 2
  • Motor power 10 CV
  • Fast speed 37 mm/s
  • Working speed 7,5 mm/s
  • Return speed 54 mm/s
  • Piston stroke 250 mm.
  • Vertical light between tables 500 mm.
  • Upper table 600 x 250 mm
  • Working height 950 mm.

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