We present you the Hidrogarne hydraulic press, FDV-330 E model especially efficient in forming and die-cutting works.

This hydraulic press has an electro-welded structure exclusively manufactured in S355JR steel. It is mechanized at the end of the welding process to ensure a perfect parallelism and precision. Calculated and designed with finite elements software and with 4 level structural coefficient. With this, we always guarantee our high standards of precision and quality.

It has fixed bed structure with open sides.

Mechanized top table of 3.100 x 1400 x 145 mm with 4 lateral guides Ø 80 and 6 “T” grooves. Mechanized lower table of 3.100 x 1400 x 120 mm with 6 “T” grooves.

Three single-acting cylinders of 110 Tons each one, with pre-filling valve, lapping liner, chrome plunger and maintenance-free anti wear guides.

Two lateral double-acting guides for fast approach and quick return.

Hydraulic group located in the upper rear, incorporates a piston pump with constant power. It has automatic disconnection of fast speed, decompression valve of the cylinder and manometer in tons. It incorporates a circuit of independent cooling with oil air converter.

The control panel incorporates a Siemens NC with Siemens KP-400 screen and a PLC Siemens S-7/1200 with decimal readout, and digital positioning that allows programming the desired type of work in manual or automatic position, to regulate the working pressure, time of pressing and changes of speeds. It allows the programming of 99 folders with different cycles of work. The PLC has been programmed to synchronize the press with a robotic arm.

Operation is carried out by means of a bimanual module.

It meets and satisfies all the essential health and safety requirements in accordance with the CE standard.

Technical features

  • Power: 330 Tn
  • Number of cylindres: 3
  • Vertical lights between tables: 730 mm
  • Pistons stroke: 450 mm
  • Table dimensions: 3.100 x 1.400 mm
  • Between columns: 3.170 x 1.300 mm
  • Guides diameter: 80 mm
  • Approaching speed: 75 mm/s
  • Working speed: 5,75 mm/s
  • Return speed: 75 mm/s
  • Working height: 900 mm
  • Hydraulic group
    • Motor power: 22 Kw
    • Maximum pressure: 290 bar
  • Total front: 4220 mm
  • Total lateral : 2105 mm
  • Total height: 3225 mm
  • Weight: 23.500 Kg

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