Special RM-130 E HIDROGARNE hydraulic press optimized for deep-drawing

The RM-130 E hydraulic press with a solid-arch monoblock is optimized and specially manufactured for deep-drawing works.

As all our R series hydraulic presses, this is equipped with a mechanized lower and upper CK-42 stainless steel table with two “T” DIN-650 grooves.

The highlight adaptations are:

  • Hydraulic cushion of 25Tn of power output placed in the bottom table with 12 candles
  • Hydraulic ejector of 2Tn with a lift of 25mm in the upper table
  • Aproximation speed of 100 mm/sec
  • Working speed: 12 mm/sec
  • Return speed: 160 mm/sec
  • Working press: 235 bar

Structure and tables

  • Sturdy construction with closed sides.
  • Upper table with four guides Ø 50 mm with bimetallic antifriction sockets of maintenance free.
  • Upper and lower tables with machined ” T” slots of M16 x 18

Cylinder and hydraulic unit

  • Main Cylinder of single acting with 130 tons includes pre -filled valve.
  • 2 side cylinders for approach and quick return.
  • Cojín hidráulico alojado en la mesa inferior con 12 velas de Ø 30
  • Hydraulic cushion placed at the lower table with 12 candles Ø 30
  • Hydraulic ejector of 2 tons and a stroke of 25 mm placed at the upper table
  • Hydraulic unit located on the top rear.
    • DENISON-PARKER pump.
    • REXROTH pressure and manoeuvre electro valves 
    • Gauges tonnes.
    • Front pressure regulator 
    • Pressure regulator for the cushion. 
    • Air-oil cooler.

Electric installation and safety

  • Electric panel located on the right side.
  • Limit switches located on the Left Side
  • Three adjustable strokes ending for the upper table, two to adjust the table stroke and one to change the speed.
  • Two stroke endings for the cushion, 2 limit switches in the pad, to forward and reverse.
  • Pressure switch for end of cycle.
  • Selector 1 or 2 speeds.
  • Selector for manual or automatic cycle.
  • Selector for the annulment of the hydraulic cushion.
  • Selector for the annulment of the hydraulic ejector.
  • Security module for bimanual and emergency stop.
  • Reset button.
  • Emergency stop type “Z” with latching
  • Back protections with security opening

Technical features

  • Power 130 Tn.
  • Power 130 Tn
  • Maximum light between tables 700 mm
  • Cylinder stroke 350 mm
  • Dimensions lower table 750 x 550 mm
  • Dimensions upper table 650 X 500 mm
  • Frontal light 800 mm
  • Main cylinder
    • Approach speed 110 mm./seg.
    • Working speed 12 mm./seg.
    • Return speed 160 mm./seg.
    • Working pressure 256 Bar
  • Cojín
    • Power 25 Tn.
    • Diameter candles/ # candles Ø 30 MM / 6
    • Ejector cushion 250 mm.
    • Maximum pressure of cushion 160 Bar
  • Grupo hidráulico
    • Decompression by timed valve
    • Safety block anti-fall.
    • Suction filter and return.
    • Oil level with thermometer.
    • Denison silent pump
    • Motor power 15 KW
    • Total oil capacity 150 L
    • Working height 950mm
    • Weight 3.950Kg

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