Special hydraulic press for deep-drawing works

This RM-220E HIDROGARNE hydraulic press is specially customized and designed for deep-drawing works

As all our R series hydraulic presses consist of an electro welded structure made solely of ST-52.3 steel.

Structure and tables

  • Electro welded structure made solely of ST-52.3 steel
  • This is stabilised and machined at the end of the structural welding process to ensure perfect parallelism and precision. 
  • Calculated and designed by finite software with level 5 structural resistance.
  • The equipment features a fixed bed to ensure greater robustness.
  • Grooved upper table of 1000×1300 mm, with 4 chromed guides of diameter 100 mm.
  • Removable and grooved lower table of 1000×1300 mm.
  • The maximum distance between tables is 700 mm and minimum 400 mm.
  • Includes hydraulic cushion of 100t with 24 candles of 40 mm in diameter, spread over an area of 500 mm.
  • The stroke is 200 mm with adjustable limit switches and pressure switch.

Cylinder and hydraulic unit

  • The cylinder is double acting of 220 tons with a lapping liner, chrome plunger and maintenance-free anti wear guides, stroke 300 mm
    • Includes anti-turning of the cylinder and a squared front with stroke endings come as standard which enable us to conveniently regulate the cylinder stroke.
  • A two-speed motorized hydraulic group of 11 kw with automatic high speed deactivation. Its equipped with a cylinder decompression valve.
  • Approaching speed is 16 mm/s, working 3.7 mm/s and return 29 mm/s.
  • Its equipped with a cylinder decompression valve.

Electric installation and safety

  • The control panel features a switch enabling the user to select the desired type of work in a manual or semi-automatic position and a switch to select either the fast approach speed or slow operational speed.
  • It meets and satisfies all the essential health and safety requirements in accordance with the EC standard.

Technical features

    • Power 220 Tn.
    • Motorized speed 2
    • Motor power 11KW
    • Approach speed 16 mm/seg.
    • Working speed 3,7 mm/seg.
    • Return speed 29 mm/seg.
    • Cylinder stroke 300 mm.
    • Upper table 1000 x 1300 mm
    • Lower table 1000 x 1300 mm
    • Distance between tables 700 mm – 400 mm
    • hydraulic cushion 100t
    • 24 candles of 40mm diameter
    • Cushion stroke 200mm

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