In Hidrogarne we have manufacture the special RV-2000E Hydraulic press, with a rigid arch by segments, especially efficient in elastic-define works with pieces of medium complexity.

This press is manufactured with a special structure of rigid arch by segments, calculated and designed by finite software with level 5 structural resistance. With all of this, we can guarantee our high precision and quality standards.

Provided with a bottom circular table of 550 mm diameter and 8 cylindrical guides. The press has a removable plate by hydraulic acting, for the works of feeding and removable of the pieces.

The main cylinder of simple effect by upstroke acting, equipped with a pre-filling valve and 4 auxiliary cylinders for the advance and quick return of the table.

The hydraulic unit of 15Kw with variable flow pump and constant power, allows make a complete cycle every 2 minutes.

The electric panel incorporates a SIEMENS PLC with PROFINET configuration. Programming by means a KT-700 display.

Electrical and hydraulic manoeuvres are redundant and self-controlled. They incorporate and additional safety block and self-control devices for manoeuvre and safety. It includes the verification and certification of the correct operation and the safety distance for the photocells.

Operation is carried out by low voltage electric pedals.

Safety is guaranteed by the use of level IV photoelectrical sensors located at the front and back side of the press.

The press meets and satisfies all the essential health and safety requirements in accordance with the CE rules.

Technical features

  • Power: 2.000 TN
  • Piston stroke: 220 mm
  • Vertical light: 120 mm
  • Table dimensions: Ø 550 mm
  • Working height: 2050 mm
  • Approaching speed: 19 mm/s
  • Working speed: 0.65 mm/s
  • Return speed: 28 mm/s
  • Time of the pressure time: 2 min
  • Motor power: 15 KW
  • Total width: 2300 mm
  • Total length: 1300 mm
  • Total height: 3320 mm
  • Weight: 50.000 Kg


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