Special hydraulic press for the adjustment and testing of molds or dies

This MV-800 HIDROGARNE hydraulic press, with four stanchions, 800 tons of power and synchro-electronic system, is specially designed and manufactured for the adjustment and testing of molds or dies

As all our M series hydraulic press, this is esigned with four cylindrical columns for increased accuracy and capacity.

Structure and tables

  • Structure designed to support 600 TN of force concentrated in 1/ 3 part of its surface.
  • Chrome-plated and grounded columns of 250 mm with bellows of protection.
  • Lower table with “T” grooves arranged on the table according to the indications of the user.
  • Upper table with “T” grooves and anti-fall safety system.
  • Useful surface of the tables 3.000 x 2.000 mm.

Cylinder and hydraulic unit

  • Two double effect hydraulic cylinders of 400 TN each one.
  • One speed hydraulic unit with automatic disconnection of the pre-filling speed and independent operation, provided with decompression system and pre-filling valves with proportional pressure valve and with digital potentiometers on the top table for the control of the displacement and synchronized electronic system for compensation of off-centre efforts

Electric installation and safety

  • Electric installation with selector for operation of the main cylinder to 1 or 2 speeds.
  • Hydraulic press with one manual cycle and one automatic cycle (activated by selector with proof key):
    • The manual cycle allows the execution of all the movements (step by step) of the press on slow speed.
    • The automatic cycle allows the press to carry out a complete production sequence.
  • Electrical safety system for the anti-fall system of the top table.
  • Bottom table with hydraulic extraction and stop by physical ends.
  • The machine has a control panel with tactile screen display where there are introduced the operation and calibration data.
  • 2 photoelectric barriers of 1.000 mm with level IV safety installed at the front and rear of the press.
  • Siemens electric parts are fabricated according to the current CE regulations and with IP55 protections.

Technical features

  • Power 800 TN.
  • Opening power 80 TN.
  • Motorized speeds 1
  • Motor power 55 kw + 55 kw (75+75 CV).
  • Auxiliary motors power 5,3 kw
  • Working pressure 250 bar
  • Pre-filling quick speed 110 mm/s.
  • Working speed 6 mm/s.
  • Return speed 180 mm/s.
  • Piston stroke 1.000 mm.
  • Height between plates 1.500 mm.
  • Useful dimensions of plates 3.100 x 2.000 mm.
  • Lower table displacemenr 2.000 mm.
  • Distance between columns 3.100 x 1.300 mm.
  • Total dimensions 3.800 x 4.500 mm.
  • Total height 6.400 mm.
  • Weight 134.600 Kg.

Presses hydrauliques de fabrication spéciale