Special hydraulic press with C-frame for cold stamping

Customized manufacture of the HIDROGARNE C-frame motorized hydraulic press mod. CM-150 E that has been designed and manufactured to comply with all requirements and indications of our customer to carry out works of average production of cold stamping.

As all our CM series hydraulic pressess this is equipped with a mechanized lower and upper CK-42 stainless steel table to ensure a perfect alignment.

Structure and tables

  • Made with a C frame structure electro-welded with ST-52-3 and machined after welding.
  • CK-42 lower table with “T” machined grooves.
  • CK-42 upper table with “T” machined grooves.

Cylinder and hydraulic unit

  • Single action main cylinder with a lapping liner, chrome plunger and maintenance-free anti wear guides.
  • 2 lateral cylinders to fast approach speed.
  • A two-speed motorized hydraulic unit with automatic high speed deactivation
    • DENISON-PARKER silent hydraulic pump.
    • Cooler with Air-oil.
    • Pressure and manoeuvre electro valves REXROTH
    • EQUIBERMA Prefilling valves.

Operated, electric installation and safety

  • Operated by two electric pedals with low electric voltage.
  • CNC digital con válvulas proporcionales para la regulación de:
    • Maximum up, maximum down and speed selector
    • Programmable working pressure.
    • Speed selector.
    • Manual, semiautomatic or automatic cycle selector
  • SCHNEIDER security module.
  • Emergency stop “Z”.
  • Side guards with security opening and frontal light barriers with level IV.
  • IP-55 electric frame
  • Se suministran con manómetro de glicerina con lectura en toneladas, aceite hidráulico y manual de instrucciones.
  • It meets and satisfies all the essential health and safety requirements in accordance with the EC standard.

Technical features

  • Power 150 TN
  • Motor power 15 CV
  • Piston stroke 250 mm
  • Maximum pressure 320 bar
  • Approach speed 160 mm/seg
  • Working speed 6,0 mm/seg
  • Return speed 110 mm/seg
  • Vertical Light 600 mm
  • Throat depth 375 mm
  • Working height 950 mm
  • Lower table 900 x 650 mm
  • Upper table 700 x 450 mm
  • Width 1.600 mm
  • Lateral 955 mm
  • Height 2.900 mm
  • Weight 4.150 Kg.

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